Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Entrepreneur

He was a teenager when he started his own business as a sub-contractor doing concrete work in the Salt Lake area, but it wasn't until he met Nancy that he obtained a license to be a general contractor. That enabled him to do state and federal jobs and build a multi-million dollar company. He created jobs for his friends and family that lasted more than 30 years.

During that time, he also was very active in the Arabian Horse business. He enjoyed breeding Arabians to see what he could create, he took great joy in naming the babies as well. He was good at it too...he was able to trade 3 of his mares for a small ranch in Arizona.

He retired from the construction business and poured all of his time and efforts into the racing business. He started out racing quarter horses and owned a horse named Speckled Shorts that broke the track record at the South Jordan Equestrian Park. Later, he began racing thoroughbred horses and owned a portion of a horse named Cover Gal that won several hundred thousand dollars racing in Southern California.

After buying, breeding, showing, racing and selling over 100 horses during his lifetime, he ended up with only one. An Arabian gelding that he purchased for his grand daughter as a riding horse.

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